Testimonial - Kaye Jones - Landlord

Kay Jones - Director - Moka Designs Pty Ltd , 10 Aug 2012

'We recently transferred our Queensland investment property to Quality Property Management after being with the same Property Manager for well over ten years. We are familiar with the Property Management process, having  investment properties in Sydney as well as Queensland.   What has become evident to us however, is that the satisfactory level of service we had been experiencing fell well short of the level of service we have been exposed to from Quality Property Management.

Quality Property has seen to every aspect of this investment property from reviewing the tenants to repairs and maintenance, investigating any issues and most importantly keeping us informed. Their communication (be it written or oral) is always clear and concise and their financial reporting is exceptionally thorough. They offer guidance and provide industry relevant material where they feel it may assist.

When you are living in a different State it is imperative that you should feel that your investment property is being maintained appropriately.   Whilst we thought this was the case Quality Property has highlighted issues, made recommendations and taken steps to ensure our property is compliant under all regulations, is well maintained and that our tenants are acting in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

Quality Property are clearly intent to take the role of Property Management to a different level and from a clients point of view we can only be grateful for the recommendation to try them. We will not hesitate to provide the same recommendation.'